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Event: "Making Sense of Singing" Workshop by The Balanced Singer & Institute for Vocal Advancement

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

If you love singing, you would probably have asked yourself one of the following questions:

  • How can I sing high notes without straining?

  • How can I make my voice more powerful?

  • How do I hit high or low notes without cracking?

  • What is vibrato and how can I find it in my voice?

This July, Jeffrey Skouson, CEO of the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA, where I'm getting my vocal coaching education from) will be in town for our IVA teachers training, and he will also be speaking at the "Making Sense of Singing" Workshop under the The Balanced Singer brand, which he is also one of the founders of.

Jeffrey Skouson

Jeffrey, who was previously also the CEO and a Master Teacher of Speech Level Singing, and has taught many professionals throughout the music world, including bands such as The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Panic at the Disco, and over 30 Broadway stars, will help cut through the noise, take away the mystery, and give you clear, concise answers and tools that will help you understand how to fix the problems you face as a singer - fast!

Here's what you will learn in this workshop:

  • How to solve common vocal problems like breaks in your voice, straining for high notes, or lack of power

  • What chest voice, head voice, mix, and vocal passages are

  • How your singing technique can help you sing in all genres of music

  • Why vocal balance is so important and how you can find it in your voice

  • What you need to know about breathing

  • The most important vocal health tips

  • and much more ...

This will be a fun, hands-on, practical workshop with live demonstrations and coaching. You’ll get to see real singers working on songs and finding answers to the issues they face in their voices.

Check out this video of Jeffrey working his magic at the workshop recently held in Vienna!

And here's Chelsea Wilson, also from The Balanced Singer, demonstrating how vowel adjustments affect a song at the Vienna workshop.

Guest Presenter - Kenn C (Topic: Developing A Radio-Friendly Voice)

Kenn C is an award-winning, Music Producer, Arranger, Composer, Musician and Songwriter. He has been actively creating music and music directing performances professionally for the last 20 years. The man behind the works of many Prolific Artists from Singapore, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

In Mandopop, Kenn C is an A-list Producer and Music Director. He consistently churns out career-defining hit music arrangements and pieces for major artists in the Mando and English pop scene, like Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao, Sandy Lam, Lion Band, Vivian Hsu, Jolin Tsai, A*Mei, Fish Leong, Hebe Tan, Jackie Cheung and many others.

Being a proficient multi-instrumentalist at the same time, Kenn C has been Music Directing many high-profile concerts which had over 45 thousand live audiences and over a billion viewers on broadcast.

Here are 2 videos of JJ Lin's performance items on《梦想的声音》where Kenn C was behind the music arrangement and guitar playing!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for everyone who loves to sing! It doesn't matter whether you are a professional singer auditioning for a show, out there gigging, or even if you just want to get better at singing in your car or shower. There will be something for everyone in all levels and in all genres of singing.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 6th July 2019

Time: 1pm-6pm

Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute

11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601 (a 2-5 min walk from Payar Lebar MRT station)

Fee: USD100

Early Bird (by June 15th): USD80 (save USD20)

To get your special early bird tickets, click HERE to register latest 15th of June and fill in "Kenogi" for the box for "If an IVA teacher has recommended this workshop, please tell us his/her name".

See you there!!!

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