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In this one-of-its-kind book about the ever-elusive mix voice (or mixed voice), you will learn:

1. The science behind your vocal registers

2. The location of your transition area between your chest (lower) and head (upper) registers

3. What the mix voice really is and how to develop it

4. How to sing high notes without having to yell or flip into a weak, airy voice (falsetto)

5. The proper approach for developing your voice

I hope you enjoy it!



Kenogi - IVA Instructor I Certfication I

What Others Are Saying

Chen Ge

Vocal Coach


MADDspace Singapore

Thank you for taking me on to this journey. Previously I wasn't even connected at my first passage (vocal passage, also known as vocal bridge or passagio).... Or rather, I didn't even know what a passage was.

On some days I could accidentally hit those notes, but I was never 'truly connected', and would have to depend on a good/bad voice day to decide what songs I could perform.

Nowadays, even my 'just woke-up' voice is good enough to sing some songs. Not only my passages were opened... I can reach my lower registers much easier too.


Thanks pal.





BA (Hons) in Acting @ LASALLE College of the Arts

I learnt so much from just the very short first session I had with Kenogi. He was very patient and adjusted his teaching according to the pace I was comfortable with.

At the same time, he would correct my technique every step of the way, as well as explain and answer all the fine links between vocal technique and voice production. 

Kenogi was able to troubleshoot my vocal issues right away, and prescribed specific exercises to fix those problems. I definitely noticed a major difference in my voice after one session, like how I was able to hit higher notes without straining my voice.

I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants a specific path catered to your individual learning needs.

Leonard Ng


Bassist & Backing Vocalist


(Trumpet Z & The Boogie, Kitsch Yogi Bandits, Sunburst Express)

My goal in learning to sing was merely to be able to sing backing vocals with a good vocal tone, and to extend my vocal range in the process.


Learning from Kenogi was an enjoyable experience as he helped me understand that there is no such thing as a bad voice, but simply a voice that has yet to be trained.


His friendly and cheerful demeanor is also comfortable to be around, making every lesson a joyful part of a longer learning journey.


Kenogi’s lessons challenged and extended the limits of my vocal range, guided the discovery of my head voice, and introduced me to mix voice singing.


All of that has consequently helped me become a more confident backing vocalist who can find his part in every song that he comes across.

Daphne Yeo


Singing Hobbyist

I was preparing for a performance a while ago and was stressed out as I was unable to hit the high notes. I approached Kenogi for help on the eve of the performance. Due to the last minute notice, he trained me via the phone.

Kenogi was patient in identifying my problem and customising vocal exercises which helped me locate my head voice and eased the tension in my throat within an hour of our phone call. 

The ease in locating my mix voice was surprising as it was something I struggled with even before and after taking regular vocal lessons (somewhere else). With the techniques Kenogi equipped me with, I was able to perform successfully the next day.

I am grateful to Kenogi for his help and his ability to customise the sessions according to my needs when I needed it. If you are looking for a vocal teacher who can help you be successful, he’s the guy you should look for. 🙂

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